Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting Started With OSGi

starting a new project at work we discussed the use of OSGi. i had read some articles about OSGi before but never got deep into it. but with gaining inside, i'm pretty amazed about OSGi now, as it makes it possible to write modular, flexible and dynamic applications in a way that wasn't possible before.

at work, the new project is a set of different collaborating web application using our usual stack of spring, hibernate and wicket. so we had a look at different platforms that supports this kind of apps, and we found that springsource dm server fitted our needs best. unfortunately some of our customers require us to run the apps on a websphere application server, so we had to drop springsource dm server and with it the whole OSGi solution was dropped. we all weren't happy, as all other solutions were so far behind OSGi.

anyway, i decided to learn more about OSGi for personal interest. currently i'm reading Neil Bartlett's free book OSGi in Practice. There aren't that many sources about OSGi at the moment, but although Neil's book is currently in draft state, it's quite worth a read. Thanks Neil.