Monday, September 15, 2008

sources of information

to stay up to date of what's going on mainly in the java space, different developers have different strategies. in this post i'll describe mine. my strategy consists of two parts. one part is keeping track of news and information coming from different sources, the other part is storing the important bits and pieces of information for personal use.

my primary source of information is reading news and blogs from the internet. i collect these news as feeds (rss or atom) with google reader. currently i have registered about 20 feeds, which i group in the first place by categories as 'daily feeds' and 'none daily feeds'. i try to read all the incoming 'daily feeds' every day, while i read the others when i get the time to. some of my favorite daily feeds are from dzone, theserverside, javalobby, slashdot, ibm developerworks and sun developer center. many of these news i mainly skip through - probably about 80 percent. of the remaining 20% there are sometimes some items which are especially interesting to me. i store these in google reader by marking them with a star. some posts on special topics (currently for example javafx or scala) i store in separate categories.

another information store is my google mail account. whenever i find any special articles outside of my news feeds or other documents/tutorials (e.g. in pdf format) i store links to these or the documents themselves in my google mail account. sometimes i also create link collections on a special topic. i store a set of keywords with each mail. currently i'm also trying out a personal wiki(mediawiki) for a better structuring of these collected information than it is possible with emails.

another source of information is, of course, books. i don't read books on a regular basis, but i read about three or four books a year. the latest were 'effective java', 'hibernate in action' and 'pojos in action'.

last but not least i listen to the java posse podcast, which is really great.

so all inall this might seem a lot of information. but actually i have a lot of time driving to work and home again by train.

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