Monday, June 14, 2010

Eclipse Helios Preview for Java Developers

The final release of the new Eclipse 3.6 - Helios is coming close on June 23. Here is a short overview of some of the new features for Java developers.

Open Implementation
Open Implementation, which was available by holding Ctrl and hovering over a method in the editor, is now also available in the navigate menu and can be bound to a keyboard shortcut (e.g. F4?).

Expressions View
When debugging, it's now easier to add expressions in the expressions view and the expressions view has now columns

Breakpoints View
The breakpoint view now provides the possibility to quickly edit some properties of the breakpoint, e.g. breakpoint condition.

Dragging and linking files from operating system
You can now drag files from the operating system into the package explorer and instead of copying them there you can create just links. This feature is definitely useful in a lot of cases.

Move Type to New File Refactoring
Convert Member to Top Level Type has been renamed to Move Type to New File.

Javadoc includes annotations
This is a feature I've been waiting for quite long. The JavaDoc hovers now include information about annotations.

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