Friday, January 28, 2011

Oracle 1-year review

It's been about a year now since Oracle aquired Sun. Here is a short review of what happened since then:
  • Oracle pulled the plug on the servers of the PostgreSQL build farm with no warning, see here.

  • Oracle kills OpenSolaris? OpenSolaris Board Quits En Masse, see here and here.

  • Prominent Sun employees leave the company, including James Gosling, Tim Bray, Simon Phipps, Tor Norbye, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, see here.

  • Oracle sues Google over use of Java-related patents in Android's Dalvik VM and SDK, see here.

  • declares independence from Oracle, becomes LibreOffice, see here.

  • Doug Lea leaves the JCP, see here.

  • Oracle nominates Hologic for JCP, see here.

  • Java SE 7 and SE 8 specs move forward amid protest, see here.

  • Tim Peierls resigned from JCP EC, see here.

  • Apache resigns from JCP EC, see here.

  • Hudson wants to move from Oracle. This story is still going on, see here and here.

  • Ruby on Rails support discontinued in NetBeans IDE, see here.


Anonymous said...

A completely biased and one-sided review.

The 1st point is completely overblown, and is actually a good decision on Oracle's past, since it is EnterpriseDB's responsibility and not Oracle's.

Also, half the points listed above are because of Sun's handling of the JCP for the past 3 years.

Paulo A Pereira said...

Well it kind of sums it up. I was interested in opensolaris as an alternative but now i'm onto FreeBSD... i was kind of a "word spreader" for netbeans among my computer science course but no more... The feeling i have, (and it's only a probably not very informed feeling) is that i was let down. The good thing about all the things happening in the past year, related to Oracle's aquisition of Sun, is that i'm more aware of alternatives and i'm more aware of the importance of community and open source.
Paulo A Pereira

Anonymous said...

You forgot that OpenSSO got axed as well. I'm not holding any hope for Sun Webserver 7.0 remaining free (though it seems to be for now)

Anonymous said...

Some good, some bad. Unexpected.

Some bashing, some more bashing. Unexpected, too.

JP @ comparator and comparable in java said...

Another one you can point out that google pulled himself from Java one Conference.

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